What Can a Japanese CEO Do When Stranded in Africa During the COVID-19 Crisis?

How to Turn Your Idea Into a Business Project in 3 Steps.

Introducing, Sae Hyung Jung, a 29-year-old IT businessman living in Japan known by the catchphrase “No problem”.
Not until when he got stranded in North-Africa during the coronavirus crisis. The plan escalated from a 1-week business trip to 5 months of quarantine.

Since he runs many companies and he was managing different projects at that time, it was a bit of a struggle to stay connected with each team and collaborate easily. Everyone was jumping from one app to another to the point that the notion of making a call became a headache. For this reason, Jung san decided to gather everyone in one place called oVice.

Developing a Creative Concept

The idea was to rebuild the office online and have it operating just like offline. The concept of every action taken inside oVice trails a realistic pattern taken by human beings in real life. You can see who’s inside, who’s busy talking, who’s having a meeting, and even who’s taking a break. Many first-time users feel like they are in a real workspace when using it in a way that they naturally follow a behavior of sitting around a table or approaching someone to talk to after they enter the space.

Building a Strong Team

During his 5 months stay, Jung san also built an effective team for his idea. The members are from different companies from different countries (Japan, South-Korea, and Tunisia) founded by Jung san himself. Everyone did their best to enhance the website’s features in order to create a better environment for every other member to work remotely. Working on improving oVice was like setting up a circus tent that radiates creativity, efficiency, and optimization.
The office went from a blank deserted space to a flexibly equipped space.

Sharing your Idea

After he was able to go back to Japan, Jung san started organizing online events on oVice to enable more people to experience it. Unexpectedly, the first cultural event brought 500 users and most of them called for a second event.
With progress, oVice became not just a space for remote work, but a space for hosting events, exhibitions, and academic conferences. Now many companies, like Mitsubishi Motors, are using and enjoying the service oVice offers.

oVice made it easier for everyone to work together seamlessly. Even if we live thousands of miles apart, we still share the same office space. How extraordinary is that!

When you come to think of it, if someone faces a problem, at least 1 person is facing the same problem. The focus and effort you make on trying to solve your own, is automatically fixing others’ too.
If you have a business idea that you think has potential, start with yourself. If it works, share it with others!



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