New Workplace Digest #1: Hybrid Work

  • Apple’s office return not going according to plan
  • HP’s remote work bet
  • Microsoft’s plan to make Windows hybrid-work-friendly
  • The challenges associated with hybrid workplaces and potential workarounds

Hottest news

Apple’s employees reject the CEO’s hybrid work plan and want to quit

HP is betting on hybrid work

Google employees are returning to offices

Employees feel like hybrid work is threatening their work-life balance

Opinions and discussions

How Windows is powering hybrid work

Three key trends in the post-pandemic hybrid work

Essential dynamics of a hybrid workplace

How to thrive in 2022 as a hybrid workplace

Latest hybrid work podcasts

Changing expectations in hybrid work

Fresh thinking of hybrid working

Hybrid work is here to stay, now what?

Microsoft: the hybrid work paradox

Latest hybrid work videos

Redesigning work: is hybrid the answer?

Exploring Microsoft’s 2022 Work Trend Index

Will the hybrid system work for your business



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