A Pandemic Can’t Stop Me From Running my Startup

Set your Startup in Motion Online!

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures”. Benet Wilson

The COVID-19 infection has not only become a public health disease that you could quarantine, but it’s also affecting the global economy at the core, and the worst part about it, that it’s escalating rapidly.
The news is quite daunting, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. However, there’s no time for worries! You need to suck it up and start acting up before things go downhill. Stop waiting and start planning!

Adopting a great remote work platform and networking as much as you can is your jump kick to keep your startup off the ground.

Use the Right Platform for your Remote Work

A lot of companies have never considered what would they do if the whole world stopped working for a week, a month, or even for 3 months or more. Over and above, no one has ever anticipated a future where they would be forced to work remotely thinking that physical workspaces are always mandatory. That’s what Hitler said!

Nowadays, remote work is the future. Many global talents, like Invision Studio, chose remote working over traditional offices. That’s why it is mandatory to have an easy-to-use platform to have your remote team working comfortably and sustainably. Here are some of the best tools that everyone is loving:

  1. Asana: Organize tasks, track workflow, and manage projects.
  2. Notion: Save your notes, tasks, project content, and databases.
  3. Slack: All about business communication.
  4. Ovice: A real-life-like virtual space for you to communicate with your team and clients through voice/video/text chat.
  5. Zoom: A videotelephony and an online chat service.

All of the tools above are free and available on mobile as well so get the best out of it!

You can also link these apps to each other to not miss out on any updates/notifications.

Communicate Openly

When you’re working with team members coming from different countries, you’re probably used to not seeing them as often as meeting with employees from your local area. For this reason, maintaining open communication with your team is the number one principle to carry on a good relationship, and the same goes for your clients. By communication, I’m not talking about calling over the phone or sticking to emails and comments. Talking through voice and video calling, are your go-to method to keep everyone engaged and interactive. At oVice virtual space, you can have a full view of the office area and what each one of your team is doing. That’s why it has never been easier to reach your colleagues whenever you need them. There’s no point in tagging someone in a task or working on a project together without having both parties sharing their work live and proving their points to each other. Using oVice meeting rooms is a great tool to have focused and productive meetings with your team. Spice things up for your team and collaborate openly and effectively by using these simple tools (video chat, screen share, whiteboard…) to enhance communication.
Visit oVice tour space for a free quick demo: https://tour-en.ovice.in/

Reach Global Talent

It’s time to go global and fish out some talented team members! While adapting to your new remote working life, recruiting global remote workers could be your source of inspiration since they are known to be astonishingly more productive than office-based employees. It would be a win-win chance for you to equally increase your networking and surround yourself with the right people who can help you accomplish more by doing less.

Not to miss out on the fact that providing a cooperative online environment for everyone to participate and collaborate easily while staying connected is one of the keys to reaching your goals!

On a positive note, although it might seem like a tough nut to crack, this crisis will allow you to rise back strengthened, and ready for challenges.



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