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NIMARU TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. now called oVice, Inc., (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Sae Hyung Jung) released oVice [o-v-i-s] spatial platform in August 2020 as a remote communication solution.
oVice aims to provide an easy-to-use concept combining the rules of reality and the virtual world to make online communication feels as natural and authentic as possible.
After 2 weeks of its release date, oVice exceeded 100 users.
Now, more than 800 companies are using oVice, including free trials.

Introduced by En-Japan, Inc., a Major Leading Company in Employment

The company’s CEO states that “with oVice, it’s easier for my employees to build new ideas, share work experiences, and collaborate together to solve work issues which promote the growth of the company.
“The fact that you can customize your workspace however it’s suitable for you is what makes oVice a flexible tool. He added, “I like taking breaks in the coffee area and have a casual chat with my employees.
For business meetings, I choose to have those in the private conference room.” Now, the company made it mandatory to use oVice for their work.

“One of the strengths of oVice is that everyone can use it, rather than it being unilaterally pushed by your boss.”

This comment is based on https://www.en-soku.com/life/70668

oVice Use Expansion as a University Lounge

TOKYO TV using oVice as a Virtual Event Venue

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Our main goal is to provide easy and natural online communication for remote workers or anyone lacking the natural human interaction they normally have in the real world.
If you’re looking for a virtual space to use for whatever purpose you have, try oVice and invite your team/community to make it more fun and interactive.

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Create 2-D virtual experiences and build your custom world online. Use oVice for: Remote Work. Virtual Events. Academic Conferences. Parties. @ https://ovice.in